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The Kitty Keyboard Cover, or as we like to call it, "Kitty Keyboard Kover", is a simple and elegant solution to your cat(s) walking all over your computer keyboard.

Made from very strong 1/4" acrylic (plexiglas), the cover easily supports a 16 lb (quite large) cat.


It also, to a certain extent, helps keep all the kitty hair and dust and dirt out of the keyboard.


There's plenty of room for a deeper keyboard, even the ones with the built-in touchpads and media buttons.


The Standard Model 183, with inside dimensions of 18-3/8" Wide x 2-7/16" High x 9-5/8" Deep, can be used with a full-sized keyboard or most laptops. We are introducing 3 newer models (see the diagram below), making a total of 4 sizes. If you have a large gaming keyboard or one of the new super-wide-screen laptops with wires sticking out the left and/or right sides of the computer then you NEED the larger models! This will also help having the cat NOT crush the wires or break a USB connector, etc.

Many people like to leave their computer on and check their email now and then. With the taller models you can leave them in place (even with a cat sleeping on them!) and there's plenty of room to type.

Custom colors (such as smoke) are available on special order for the same price. Please email.

Some Action Shots !
Valentiny is momentarily distracted...
He loves to sleep here.

He likes to hold hands...er...paws...

Notice that the keyboard shown in these color cat pictures is a very narrow one with no numeric keypad, which is why it looks like it has extra space on the left and right sides.

More kitty pix coming.
When you'e NOT covering your keyboard, turn the cover upside down and your cat will LOVE to lie in it as a bed !

This drawing shows the STANDARD model 183 at the top.
Currently the STANDARD model is the only one available with a buy button —
The larger ones are available by emailing HERE. Please email us if you are interested in the 3 larger sizes.

The Model 183 is $29.
The Model 185 is $35. Please order HERE .
The Model 243 is $44. Please order HERE . Please notice the two wider models are braced both front and back for rigidity.
The Model 246 is $50. Please order HERE . Please notice the two wider models are braced both front and back for rigidity.
Questions?  info@kittykeyboardkover.com
The KittyKeyboardKover Model183 is now available for the introductory price of $29. +s/h.
This is a wholesale, direct from the manufacturer price.
These units are not yet available in stores.
Buy one or more of the standard size Model 183 now via Paypal !
A Paypal account is NOT needed - you can use any credit card.
To order the Model 183 in the US, click the button.
For international orders, please email us and we will generate an invoice with international shipping with a paypal button.
P.S. It's impossible to read this page without smiling... Hope we brightened your day!
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ABOUT coming... coming... coming...
Prices and specifications subject to change. We welcome your suggestions.